Working for Us

The Nottinghamshire Plan sets out our commitments over the next four years that show how we will play our part in working towards the healthy, prosperous and greener future that all our communities deserve. We aim to be an Employer of Choice to ensure we continue to attract and retain the best people who share our values and who are invested in making this Council a success and in return feel invested in by the Council as their chosen employer.

Employee Benefits

As an employer, we offer a wide range of flexible and family friendly employment initiatives and working arrangements to the majority of our employees. These are aimed at creating a positive working environment in which employees are able to work to their full potential and achieve a healthy work/life balance.

Flexible working

The scheme offers increased flexibility in working arrangements and represents the standard flexi-time option available to departments for each feature of the scheme. Where alternative flexi-time schemes are already in operation, which have more flexible provisions, then these can continue. The scheme is available to all departments.

Job share scheme
We recognise that many people, for many reasons, are unable to commit themselves to full-time work. This can deny them access to employment and may also deny the us as an employer the opportunity to benefit from the skills and abilities of such individuals.

Job sharing gives people who are unable to work full-time the opportunity to pursue a career, and in addition, receive the same terms and conditions of employment as a full-time employee, on a pro-rata basis. It also enables the Authority to recruit and retain skilled and experienced people who are unable to work full-time.

Career break scheme
The career break scheme aims to enable permanent male and female employees wishing to have a break in their career for 'caring' responsibilities, e.g. bringing up a child, caring for a dependent relative or partner, or other good reasons e.g relevant voluntary work to maintain formal contract with the us , with a view to re-entry at the same level, within a five year period without breaking their continuity of service.

In addition, the Scheme aims to offer employees an opportunity to maintain their work skills and knowledge whilst on a career break.

Maternity provision

  • Ordinary maternity leave - All pregnant employees, regardless of service, will be entitled to 26 weeks' Ordinary Maternity Leave.
  • Additional maternity leave - A further 26 weeks' Additional Maternity Leave will start at the end of the Ordinary Maternity Leave period giving a total entitlement of 52 weeks leave. There is no qualifying service required.

Adoption provision
Employees who wish to adopt a child(ren) will have many additional commitments both prior to and following adoption, such as attending pre-adoption interviews, meetings, visits to the child(ren) along with the need to spend time with the child(ren) to establish relationships once adoption placement has taken place.

The Scheme offers employees some flexibility to decide how much leave of absence they wish to apply for.

Paternity Leave
These provisions apply to all employees of the Authority except Teachers and staff of locally managed schools.  Leave can be taken from the date of the child's birth, but must be taken from a chosen date within 56 days of the actual birth or placement with the adoptive parents. If the child is born early, leave may commence from the actual date of birth or within 56 days of that date.

Shared Parental leave
Shared Parental Leave is a form of leave that gives parents more flexibility in caring for their child. The Shared Parental Leave scheme creates a pool of leave and pay that both parents may draw from. 

Generous leave

  • Up to 32 days annual leave, in addition to 8 days statutory bank holiday entitlement
  • Annual leave purchase scheme
  • Leave for religious festivals
  • Special leave provisions for employees with caring responsibilities

Staff Networks

Nottinghamshire County Council recognises the need for some of our employees to attend and run staff networks.
They are a support network for employees and a consultation network for reviewing county council policies and services especially through equality impact assessments.

The three networks staff can join are:

  • Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) network
  • Disabled Employees Support Network
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) staff network

Employee well-being

  • Employee counselling service
  • Eye vouchers for DSE users
  • Support available to employees on physical and mental health wellbeing.
  • Occupational health service
  • Physiotherapy support.
  • Volunteer workplace buddy scheme
  • Workplace chaplaincy service
  • Workplace health champions and wellbeing events
  • Westfield health scheme

Other Employee benefits

Public Transport season ticket scheme 
The season ticket scheme allows you to obtain a season pass from a number of different travel operators within the county.

There are many types of season pass available, including annual tickets, and options for occasional users of public transport, who can obtain a 100 or 150 day pass from Nottingham City Transport as part of this scheme. 

Employees pay between 5% and 8% less compared to purchasing products directly from NCT. These kind of savings are available for other operators.

Discounted Rail and Tram annual season tickets are also available through the scheme.

Cycle to work scheme 
Within the government's Green Transport Plan to promote greener journeys and reduce environmental pollution, there’s a tax exemption which allows employers to provide bikes and safety equipment as a tax-free benefit to employees who wish to cycle to work.

Bikes can be used for leisure purposes but at least 50% of the use should be for:

  • journeys to and from work
  • other work purposes.

Childcare Voucher Scheme
We have appointed a company called Computershare Voucher Services to administer childcare vouchers to our employees using a salary sacrifice scheme. Through this scheme, working parents can opt to exchange part of their salary for childcare vouchers.

Exempt from tax and National Insurance contributions, childcare vouchers are used to pay for any form of registered or approved childcare, including nurseries, nannies and pre- and after-school clubs.

Parents employed by us are able to save up to £1196 per year on childcare (subject to individual circumstances), by requesting up to £243 per month in vouchers.

For further information on whether you could benefit by using this scheme, contact Computershare Voucher Services on 0845 002 1111 or visit the Computershare Voucher website.

No claims bonus protection 
Get peace of mind cover to protect your no claims bonus discount if your car gets damaged while on County Council business

Two levels of cover are available:

  • cover whilst your car is parked at work 
  • cover whilst your car is parked at work and whilst using your car on County Council business 

Discounted Microsoft Office and Office 365
All employees are eligible to purchase a home use version of Microsoft Office or Office 365 for either PC or Mac at a significant discount.

Nottingham Credit Union
Credit unions provide a service to their members and do not exist to make a profit. 

They can offer help and advice to help you manage your money well, by enabling you to borrow when you need money and still be saving regularly as you repay your loan.

Charitable giving through payroll deduction

Many people say they would make a regular donation to charity but for one reason or another forget to do it. 

That's why we've partnered up with Charitable Giving to set up 'give as you earn’. 

This lets you donate to any UK registered charity or church by a direct deduction from your wage. 

Local Government Pension Scheme

This is an occupational pension scheme available to employees of Nottinghamshire County Council, along with other Local Government organisations such as Nottinghamshire District and Borough Councils, many Nottinghamshire Colleges and some smaller employers in Nottinghamshire.

More information about the scheme can be found at the Nottinghamshire Pension Funds website.